SP1 rewrite now officially underway

by Suw on December 1, 2003

Back in August I finished the first draft of my first screenplay and posted it up on Zoetrope for review. I got some good reactions and was much encouraged.

Having left it to stew for a few months, I dug it out again a couple of weeks ago with the intention of getting stuck right into the rewrite. Except I just couldn't get my act together with it. Every time I even thought about it, I'd just find something else to do. The Procrastination Queen took over.

Turns out that sometimes you just need prodding in the right direction by someone who can ask those difficult, but pertinent, questions. Why is this character doing what he does? Why do these people want what they want? What, if I may be so bold, is the point?

If these questions are hard to answer it's because you genuinely don't know and if you don't know then you really have to find out before you go any further. In answering them, you get a new perspective on the work you've already done and a pathway opens up in front of you.

I think I have a good idea of where SP1 needs to go now, and I've already started working on a new and substantially different version. Fingers crossed that the trail doesn't peter out on me.

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