Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Oh, the irony

by Suw on October 29, 2003

Friday, on my way back from London, I got a phone call from an agency in Bristol, asking me if I'd like to work as a 'search engine tuner' for five months. Once we'd figured out from the job spec what the client wanted, it was clear that it was certainly a job that I could do. Only drawback was that it's in Titchfield, which is a small town near Fareham. Not exactly Manchester or Leeds, not by several hundred miles.

I said I'd think about it over the weekend, but thinking about it didn't make it the least bit more attractive.

I mean, yes, I know I'm skint, I know that I need a job, but would moving to a slightly different arse end of nowhere really help my situation? I'd still not have any friends in the area, still not be in Manchester or Leeds, still have to find work again in March. Although I'd have money coming in, with the costs of accommodation and travel it'd probably still be going out faster. Just doesn't seem like a very satisfactory move to me.

So I had to do the one thing I dislike doing and tell the agent that I wasn't interested in this particular contract. I know it wasn't as if they'd actually offered me the job or anything, but still, one doesn't like to seem negative.

On the other hand, journalism course still going well. Had good feedback from my tutor today on the last exercise I did. Very pleased with the progress I'm making – certainly it's starting to feel like it might well be a viable alternative career, rather than just a pipedream.

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Sun throws a hissy fit

by Suw on October 29, 2003

The Sun is belching out gas like an angry demon with wind and, if the pics are anything to go by, the last one (third biggest since records began, although that was only 25 years ago) was a bit of a beast and heading right for us. Chances are there'll be an aurora borealis tonight, although chances of actually seeing it approximate to nil, considering that it's pissing down. Bloody typical.

The last time the aurora borealis was visible from here I was a young wee sproglet and tucked up in bed. Apparently the sky turned red and it was all rather dramatic, but my Mum, being the concerned parent that she was, wouldn't let my Dad wake me up so that I could see it. Boy, was I cross. If I'd known swear words back then, I would utilised my entire profane vocabulary.

Tonight, I'm just mildly annoyed and hoping that maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be a both an aurora and a break in the clouds.

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