Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Obviously the trees were guilty

by Suw on October 14, 2003

Via Electrolite.

It seems that American troops have hit a new low in the invasion of Iraq. Not content with killing civilians (and allies, come to mention it) and wrecking infrastructure, they've now taken to destroying the Iraqis' livelihoods by tearing down groves of orange and lemon trees and date palms, according to The Independent.

I've got most of my Iraq news via the internet, it has to be said. I don't really trust the BBC, Sky or CNN, and Fox… well, they are risible in their towing the W line. Many of the stories I've read online have made me sick to the stomach but this cruel and disgraceful act is all the more sickening because it is destroying the very thing that the American and British troops were supposed to be 'liberating'.

Go over to Electrolite and read the comments there, because there are some very interesting bits about the illegality of this act (it breaches the Geneva Convention) and its parallels with Israeli behaviour towards Palestine, as well as some essential links.

I can't imagine that my new 'warblogging' category will get much use – I'm not the best informed of people. But that doesn't mean I don't have some very strong opinions about what's being done.

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A little thing I miss a lot

by Suw on October 14, 2003

I used to listen to XFM all the time when I lived in Reading. I got it via Sky Digital as it's a London station and if you don't live there you can't get it through your normal radio. I like XFM – their playlist pretty much fits my taste in music perfectly, their DJs are good (although Zoe Ball does get a bit annoying after a while) and on the whole I think they are the only radio station I know of that I'd want to listen to on a regular basis.

Here, although we have Sky I don't have a TV in my office and my internet connection is so crap that I can't listen online, well, not unless I want to put up with gaping silences every second or so. Instead I tend to listen to the MP3s on my d: as my CDs and stereo are still all packed away. Either that or I sit in a silence broken only by the tapping of my keyboard and the occasional miaow from a begruntled Fflwff.

I really miss XFM though. I'm not sure if I can get it via digital radio, although I don't have a digital radio so I think that's pretty much a moot point anyway.

Just one more reason to get out of here, before it I start climbing the walls.

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