A little thing I miss a lot

by Suw on October 14, 2003

I used to listen to XFM all the time when I lived in Reading. I got it via Sky Digital as it's a London station and if you don't live there you can't get it through your normal radio. I like XFM – their playlist pretty much fits my taste in music perfectly, their DJs are good (although Zoe Ball does get a bit annoying after a while) and on the whole I think they are the only radio station I know of that I'd want to listen to on a regular basis.

Here, although we have Sky I don't have a TV in my office and my internet connection is so crap that I can't listen online, well, not unless I want to put up with gaping silences every second or so. Instead I tend to listen to the MP3s on my d: as my CDs and stereo are still all packed away. Either that or I sit in a silence broken only by the tapping of my keyboard and the occasional miaow from a begruntled Fflwff.

I really miss XFM though. I'm not sure if I can get it via digital radio, although I don't have a digital radio so I think that's pretty much a moot point anyway.

Just one more reason to get out of here, before it I start climbing the walls.

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