Another application out

by Suw on October 13, 2003

Applied for one job as a Web Editor today, well, a contract actually. Six months in Manchester. Whilst I would really prefer a little more security than that offered by a six month contract, at least it would be money coming in, as opposed to the situation as it is at the moment.

I've also started the Practical Journalism course that I think I mentioned before. So far, I quite like it – I think it'll be just what I need to get me working as a freelance again. I've done the first exercise and the feedback I've had from the tutor really hit the nail on the head as far as I was concerned. Tomorrow I shall get on with the second exercise and see just how fast I can plough my way through the course without skimming it.

I'm not intending to become a full-time freelance again, not if I can get myself something that's more secure, but at the moment I feel it's wise to explore every avenue open to me, not just the pretty tree-lined ones. Besides, it's not like what I learn will go to waste!

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