Thursday, October 9, 2003

Back among the desert of the familiar

by Suw on October 9, 2003

Well, yup, I'm back in Dorset. Flight back was fine, coach from Heathrow was, well, fine. Have had bugger all sleep, so currently feeling a bit zombieish. Currently downloading 250 emails which, through this crappy connection, is taking an age. Eudora's irritating too as it doesn't display any of them until they're all downloaded, so it's a case of sit and wait…

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Whoever first posited the idea that the internet is ephemeral was, I think, underestimating the power of archives.

Via my visitor stats, I discovered a thread on Sweet Addy, a messageboard where I used to post incessantly before transferring my attentions here. Someone there discovered an old post of mine, from back in June – the business was going arse up, I'd had to cancel my holiday to America because I couldn't afford the rent let alone a two week holiday in the States, I'd had a blazing row with someone from the board who was, to my mind, quite cruel in their assessment of my character. All this shit was going on in my life, so I had a bit of a general rant about it on my blog. Well my blog, my prerogative.

On this new thread, that old post and my motives for posting it get well and truly dissected. Frankly, that's weird as shit, people making assumptions about why I said what I said, most of them without any idea of the details of the situation.

I'm not going back to Sweet Addy to defend or explain myself – if any of the Sweet Addiers that come here want to know anything about me or my life, they are more than welcome to email me at their convenience and discuss things with me on a one to one basis.

However, I would publicly like to say that my cancellation of my trip to Portland had much more to do with my rapidly fading bank balance and the imminent demise of my business (along with the stress that all that entails, although if you've never had a business go bust landing you with a small house's worth of debt, no income, nowhere to live and no job, then frankly you have no idea how much stress that actually is) than any disagreements on whether or not I wanted to go shopping. Anyone who would have you think otherwise has no idea what the fuck they're talking about.

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by Suw on October 9, 2003

Just downloading the 373 pictures I've taken over the last few days. Might take me a while to sort through them. Have also transferred to my desktop the half-finished blog entry I've been writing whilst away. That also might take a while to complete. But I shall, soon enough, give you all the gory details as regards my recent trip.

In the meantime, I'm trying to stay awake until some reasonable hour in the evening, despite having had probably no more than a couple of hours sleep in the last 30. My theory is that if I go to bed at a normal hour, I'll not suffer too badly from jetlag. I need something to keep me awake though. Like intravenous caffeine. Or speed. That might work.

Alas I shall have to rely on the internet and TV instead.

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