Sun throws a hissy fit

by Suw on October 29, 2003

The Sun is belching out gas like an angry demon with wind and, if the pics are anything to go by, the last one (third biggest since records began, although that was only 25 years ago) was a bit of a beast and heading right for us. Chances are there'll be an aurora borealis tonight, although chances of actually seeing it approximate to nil, considering that it's pissing down. Bloody typical.

The last time the aurora borealis was visible from here I was a young wee sproglet and tucked up in bed. Apparently the sky turned red and it was all rather dramatic, but my Mum, being the concerned parent that she was, wouldn't let my Dad wake me up so that I could see it. Boy, was I cross. If I'd known swear words back then, I would utilised my entire profane vocabulary.

Tonight, I'm just mildly annoyed and hoping that maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be a both an aurora and a break in the clouds.

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