July 2017

C17: Day 186 – Is the vine fine?

July 5, 2017

Further refinements to the vine, but is it fine, or just a crooked line?    

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C17: Day 185 – Refining the design

July 4, 2017

It’s still not quite there, but it’s improved!

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C17: Day 184 – A tale of two frames

July 3, 2017

I love my Millennium Frame from Needle Needs. It does away with a lot of the faff involved in setting up fabric for embroidery and is far superior to the embroidery hoop. The fabric slots under a rod in a groove in the top and bottom bars, and then the side stretchers extend to pull it […]

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C17: Day 183 – Potential vine

July 2, 2017

Quick stab at a vine, expertly helped by Grabbity trying to steal the stylus. Possibly too elaborate, though. Will have another go tomorrow, perhaps with Grabbity shut out of the office.

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C17: Day 182 – Knight & snail ride again

July 1, 2017

A couple of years ago, I embroidered a goldwork knight and a snail from the 14th Century Gorleston Psalter. The knight fighting, and ultimately losing, to the snail is one of many themes in the psalter’s marginalia, as well as in other manuscripts of the time. No one quite knows why knights fight snails, but given […]

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