C17: Day 188 – Colouring in

by Suw on July 7, 2017

I don’t have a huge library of embroidery silks, especially not actual silk silks, but I had already bought a selection of colours that I thought would work for this piece several months ago. It’s hard to pick colours off the internet, and not all of the ones that I bought quite fit, but hopefully I have the right colours!

It’s also a good idea, when planning a piece like this, to spend a bit of time colouring in. Planning colours and colour changes is important, because (and this is a bit of a mantra for this project) it’s hard to fix mistakes later. So, here’s my selection of threads and my best go at colouring in (note: pencil colours do not perfectly match silks!).

Not entirely convinced by the red leaves, mind.

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