Stationery problem solved

by Suw on August 16, 2007

So, a couple of weeks ago, I realised that the burgundy card I had bought to make the invitations with was, well, the wrong colour. This was particularly painful, given that I thought I'd finally cracked it, just a few days before. Honestly, I felt like I'd been round every art supply shop in London, and had got samples from all of them.
The wrong burgundies
I really couldn't face searching out yet more art supplies shops to try and find yet more burgundy card, so I gathered together my samples and reconsidered the situation. See the burgundy mulberry paper – that's the one that's laid on top of the ivory coloured card? That's the colour I was trying to match. See that burgundy card towards the bottom of the pic, with the writing on it? I figured that was a pretty good match, but as a card it's just way too thin – it won't really hold up very well to having lots of thing stuck to it.
What to do? What to do?
I laid out all my supplies, and had a think.
Wedding stationery
Then, inspiration! given that I bought a ton of burgundy card that's just enough of the wrong shade to be usable, but the right thickness, why not glue the card that's the right shade to it? That'll give me a double thickness backing card, and the wrong coloured card won't be seen because it'll have ivory mulberry paper glued to the back of it. Sorted!
Of course, this means that we have the added tediousness of gluing together some 25 sheets of card, but it hopefully won't be too much of a chore. When I was home last I got Dad to make me a jig, just two bits of wood at right angles, so that I can more easily line up the two bits of card.
The only issue I then had was that the burgundy mulberry paper that I bought was also the wrong shade. I couldn't find the one that I wanted on the WeddingDIY site, so I had to email them. They replied really quickly and sent me the right URL and, well, frankly, it was just me being a bit dense and looking at the photos instead of the description, and therefore missing the right burgundy because it looked a bit lighter in the photo than I was expecting.
Last week, whilst I was down in Dorset, WeddingDIY sent me the right burgundy mulberry paper, and I am sending the wrong one back tomorrow. I have to say – this is fabulous customer service. They'd put the right paper in the post to me before I even asked them to! If you're looking to make your own wedding invitations, I couldn't recommend WeddingDIY more highly.
Tonight, then, is invitations night. Once we've had dinner, the laptops will go away and Kevin and I will start on making up the invitations for our family and friends who are travelling from afar. The rest of you, however, will have to wait. Invitations aren't usually sent out til about 6 weeks ahead, but given that people need to book travel and accommodation, I suspect we'll do our second batch when we get back from our holiday in mid-Sept.

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