Monday, August 13, 2007

Unexpected excitedness

by Suw on August 13, 2007

I just booked the register office (apparently, it's not registry, as I always thought it was) for our wedding in February, and had a sudden and unexpected burst of nerves and overwhelming excitement as I did so. Squeee!!
Now that I'm starting to get tangible evidence of impending nuptials, I'm starting to get much more excited than I have been since Kevin first proposed in January. We have the stuff for the invitations, bunches of lavender and rosemary drying, the 'trial veil' (which I'll blog about only if people actually want to hear about how you make a veil – I have lost the ability to tell what's interesting and what's dull now!).
It's all slowly become much more real, and I'm slowly getting much more excited. Indeed, every now and again I get a sort of flash of “Oh gosh! I'm getting married!”, accompanied by a little fizz of excitement and happiness. I'm glad that we didn't rush things – I'd be missing out on all this anticipation if we had!

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