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by Suw on April 28, 2007

Just a short post today, because it's Saturday, and I'm knackered, and Kev and I are about to curl up with each other and in the Company of Wolves. The film, that is, not the large furry canine. Frankly, if we were going to curl up with anything furry, it would be a small, cute feline or two, but that's by the by.
We did manage to get the gym today, and I did more exercise than usual. Five minutes more on the treadmill, the full 15 minutes on the bike even though it makes my legs feel like they are about to drop off, and an addition set of 15 repetitions on all of the machines.
I am now, officially, shagged out.
Still, I'm enjoying myself – it's nice to just let my brain freewheel for a while. I had thought that I would take my iPod and listen to music and podcasts and the fabulous This American Life, but I think I prefer having some downtime for my brain. Kev says that the effects of this exercise are already showing, but I'm not sure I believe him. (He's just read this over my shoulder and said “Silly girl”, so I presume that means he really can tell.)
Either way, I think it's better to be doing this because I enjoy it, rather than as some sort of purgatory to endure in the hope that there'll be rewards at the end of it, as I'm really not good at doing things that I have to do if I don't enjoy doing them. I'm hoping to see the effects in a couple of months time, but in the meantime, I'll take Kev's word for it.
Right, time for the film.

Anonymous April 29, 2007 at 9:47 pm

Hi Suw — you need to post some American translations for your across-the-pond readers. We don't know what “knackered” or “shagged out” means.

Anonymous April 30, 2007 at 7:13 am

Oops, sorry. 'Knackered' and 'shagged out' both mean 'exhausted'. 'Shag' by itself, of course, means something else – a bird like a cormorant.
Even now, Kevin and I still have those 'separated by a common language' moments, where one of us says something completely incomprehensible to the other. It makes things more fun! 😉

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