Saturday, April 21, 2007

When I found the flat that Kevin and I currently call home, I remember thinking how well positioned it was. Waitrose only 5 mins away. Holloway Road just 10 mins away. And a gym literally on the corner, just a short walk away. We moved in and promised each other that we'd join up to use the leisure centre really soon. Really, really soon.
Then came the uncertainty of whether Kevin would be able to stay in the UK after things at the BBC went south. Then there were a few months where I was travelling almost all the time. Then things went mad with ORG. Then Christmas came…
But today, finally, Kevin and I managed that taxing three minute walk to the end of the road, negotiated the very dangerous and fearsome road crossing, and found our way into the leisure centre. We thought we'd have to book a time to join up, but they did it all there and then so now we are the proud owners of two gym memberships. We have our induction sessions tomorrow. It's only taken us a year and some change to get our act together.
Of course, I'd by lying by omission if I didn't admit that the main reason I'm joining the gym is to use the bike machines so that I can lose a few inches from round the waist area, prior to that, y'know, small event in February. If I can get rid of 4 inches over the next six months, I'll be happy. Five and I'll be delirious.
Unfortunately, I don't really have appropriate footwear for going to the gym. We went to an alleged sports shop to try and get a pair, but it was much more about sports fashion and the shoes there had little to do with actual sports. Took a trip to Islington, on the assumption that there was bound to be some decent shops there, but sadly was totally wrong. So now thinking about turning up to the induction tomorrow in my Adidas and hoping no one notices, and then going to a decent shop in town on Monday in order to get some shoes. Or maybe I'll have to go back to the alleged sports shop and buy the one pair of shoes that looked as if they might actually support my feet during training.
Either way, plan is to go to the gym at least three times a week, if not every day. Really do need to crack on with burning some calories, else I'll still look all podgy come The Big Day. And we can't have that.

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