Sunday, April 22, 2007

And the great thing about blogs is…

by Suw on April 22, 2007

That whilst I am suffering once again from wisdom tooth ache and a cold – simultaneously… oh the delight – I can tell you precisely how long it's been since my last cold and last bout of toothache. Because I blogged them.
The last cold started as this one did with a sore throat and then developed into a snotfest. Just like now. It happened in June 2005, whilst I was in California for the first time.
My tooth last gave me real proper gyp in June 2006, when it got so bad that I ended up going to the dentist and secretly hoping he'd take the damn thing out. A few months later, I was due to go off travelling when the infection flared up again, so my dentist gave me some antibiotics to carry in case, but made me promise not to take them unless things got really really bad. They are still sitting on the shelf – even though my tooth's been dreadfully unhappy, I haven't felt that it's been so bad that I needed to take the antibiotics.
I'm bored of this cold now though. I've had it nearly a week, and it's just no fun.
PS… When I said that I was going to blog every day, you didn't expect me to blog about interesting things, did you?

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