Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Eurgh, the jetlag

by Suw on February 21, 2006

I've travelled quite a bit to the US over the last two years, usually for work-related reason – conferences, meetings and such – with a bit of holiday thrown in if I'm lucky. The last trip, to DC, was the other way round. It was definitely mostly holiday with just a few token meetings to make me feel like I was doing something more than just chilling out. Really, though, it was just chilling out.
So why is the jetlag so bad this time? I got to sleep around 1am last night, which is better than the 2am the night before, and 3am the night before that. Getting to sleep is proving to be highly difficult, even though I feel exhausted. And as for getting up again, that's hellish. It's taken me an hour from when my alarm went off at 8am to actually get myself into a sitting position and get the laptop open. That's just so not like me.
It's not like I have lurghi. All I feel is tired and out of sync, not sick. If I was sick, I could legitimately blame that, but I'm clearly not. I didn't feel this bad even when I'd been ping-ponging across the pond to San Francisco last summer.
I think it's because last year, I rarely had anything I had to get up for, so I never really had to get over jetlag quickly. It never mattered if I didn't wake up until 11am or didn't go to bed til 3am. Now, though, I have to be up, and be getting on with things because I have to be places, so I'm trying to force myself through the jetlag faster than my body can deal with it.
Can I just go back to bed and stay there please?

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