Sunday, February 5, 2006


by Suw on February 5, 2006

So here I am, cosy and warm in my temporary digs at my friend James' house. The move this morning went without a hitch, which was a relief. T'Other came over yesterday and helped me pack, primarily by sitting on a chair, doing stuff on his laptop and talking to me. I've never been able to express quite how much I need to have someone 'helping' in that manner – I'm not being facetious, I really do find it easier to pack if I have someone to talk to.
T'Other's gone home now, back to the chav hell hole that is East Acton, but it's nice to know that he's welcome here too. The few times he's stayed with me in the old place, I've felt a bit like I was sneaking someone back to my dorm room on a school trip. Plus it was hideously cold over night, so we'd wake up shivering and ended up sleeping really badly. It's no wonder I've felt at times a bit stressed and tired the last few months, considering how disturbed the cold makes my sleep. I'm looking forward to a comfortable, warm night tonight.
Just started looking for new places to live in London. We have decided that we'd rather pay a bit more, and get a place that's fairly central. We both work long days, and we both have pretty full-on stressful jobs, so the thought of an hour-long commute at the end of the day… well, it doesn't fill me with desire, shall we say. So I started looking on Gumtree and London Craigslist. Seems there are loads of flats that are in our budget, in decent places. There was one in Kensington that sounded absolutely perfect… Shame we can't actually move til March though. (Both of us have a lot of travel in Feb.)
In fact, I'm going to have to stop looking. It's just inducing feelings of chronic impatience.
Soon… soon…

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