Thursday, February 2, 2006


by Suw on February 2, 2006

Why don't computers do stenography? Sitting in the Houses of Parliament today, watching the stenographer effortlessly record every word, verbatim, whilst I hurriedly tried to take notes the hard way made me feel deeply inadequate. Why can't I do some sort of chording on a computer? Why can't it tell that if I hit the C and H keys together, that they should be 'CH', or that 'T' and 'H' is likely to be a 'TH' unless in a combination with a G in which case its likely to be a 'GHT'. It seems pretty damn simple to me. Sort of like T9. Certainly it might take some training to get used to, but my god, it'd make me a faster typist.
Then I could take really insanely and freakily accurate notes.

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