A weekend offline

by Suw on July 29, 2005

I promised myself that, as part of my chilling out and general recovery from jetlag and exhaustion regime, I would spend this weekend offline. Not staring at my computer screen. Not answering email. Not writing blog posts. Not working.
Instead, I would go for walks. Read books. Watch movies. Sleep. Sleep a bit more. Sleep for just another half hour.
There is plenty that I should be doing, but I'm not going to do any of it.
See you Monday.

Anonymous July 30, 2005 at 12:33 am

Suw, you have just SHOULDed yourself. The word “should” has two meanings, you see. One is the moral component: “It would be a moral failing for me not do all these things waiting here for me to do them someday.”. The other meaning is the “benefit” meaning: “There would be benefit in my doing all these things.”
When you “SHOULD” yourself it usually is an appropriate use for the “benefit” meaning. But the way it shows up in your head when you say it to yourself is with the moral meaning, which is a kind of self-depressing thing.
On the other hand if you require that you always translate “should” to the 'benefit' meaning, you don't get depressed because it is obvious that yes, there WOULD be benefit in taking this time to get everythingbon this list done …but there would ALSO be benefit in doing a DIFFERENT list — or just taking holiday for the next week. When you say it to yourself that way, you empower yourself. You feel good about having a chice of ehich benefit to select, and either way will be a win. Much better than 'should'ing yourself needlessly into believing you are a morally failed creature that can't help doing the wrong thing.
Relax. Enjoy. You deserve it. Treat yourself to something good. It isn't immoral to postpone a list.

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