Thursday, July 14, 2005

Missing England

by Suw on July 14, 2005

I've never really been one for homesickness – I live too much in the moment for that. Usually when I bugger off to foreign climes, I barely give 'home' a second thought, because I have my home with me, on my laptop.
But right now, I really miss England. London. I missed the two minute silence, and that makes me feel sad. I miss English Coke (tastes much better than American Coke, which is made from corn syrup instead of good, honest sugar). I miss the Tube. I miss the BBC (BBCi isn't the same as a nice soothing dose of Huw Edwards, who's Welsh, but that's by the by). I miss my cat, Fflwff, playing silly buggers at 3am. I miss standing in the middle of London as the crowds rush by whilst I meander my way through the city. I miss my favourite wifi cafe on Museum Street. And I miss my friends.

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