Craigslist for bloggers

by Suw on July 26, 2005

Hugh's started up a wiki for bloggers looking for work, love, or blog consultants. Great idea – perfect for the hResume microformat too, once it gets up and running (microformat = way to format structured data online in a human readable form, so that we can read it but web apps do cool shit with it too).

Anonymous July 27, 2005 at 8:53 pm

I'd really like to see a hybrid combination of wiki and blog along these lines, that would allow people to create forums for the duration of a short conversation.
Hugh hits on a serious problem for those of us who blog periodically, in that people don't follow us, and low whuffie means that people don't notice when we want to talk about relocation, a new job, or a new car, because people might not associate our blog with such a flash in the pan topic.
It would be nice if those entries could be part of a larger conversation, so a site that could aggregate these conversations, but with more organization than a wiki.

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