More London alerts – breaking news

by Suw on July 21, 2005

Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush tube stations have been evacuated, and large areas sealed off after smoke was reported coming from the stations. The Northern Line has been suspended, and reports of an incident on the 26 bus on Hackney Road although the bus itself doesn't appear damaged from the TV pics.
There are no details at all about what is happening – could just be a train fire, which do happen from time to time. No reports of explosions, or casualties or anything like that at all at the moment, either from the London Underground or the Emergency Services. No indication that this is a terrorist attack, but London is going to suffer travel chaos and the authorities are reacting very sensitively.
Very hard to know whether this is the result of nerves after the events of two weeks ago, or whether something has genuinely happened. I really hope it's the former, not the latter.
UPDATES: I'm glad that a couple of hours later and still no reports of any serious casualties, just a lot of inconvenience and an arrest. We'll just get on with our lives, just like last time, just like next.

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