More virtual presence at Etech

by Suw on March 16, 2005

I really like having this virtual presence at Etech. The wifi's been much more reliable today, so I've been able to have a pretty consistent vidchat with Kevin again, and have been in some sessions and am currently at lunch. The difficulty of clear audio at both ends of the video link remains, though – frequently I can only just hear what is being said, but the people on the other end can't hear what I'm saying at all.
That said, it was a pleasure to sort-of-meet David Weinberger, Sean Bonner, James Seng, Robert Kaye from MusicBrainz, and a whole bunch of other really cool people, not to mention having a chat again with Ewan Spence and Crow, who are a wee bit like Rod Hull and Emu on acid.
Some nice pics of it though, first from James Seng:
Suw at Etech by James Seng
And also from Sean Bonner:
Suw at lunch by Sean Bonner
Sean also took a great pic of the row Kevin and I were sitting in yesterday:
Kevin Marks, John Battelle, Xeni Jardin, Doc Searls
(Kevin Marks, John Battelle, Xeni Jardin, Doc Searls)
I took a few snaps too, which are up on Flickr:
That's an impressive beak

Anonymous March 17, 2005 at 11:18 pm

how economical.

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