Microfame, blogs and churn rates

by Suw on October 20, 2004

Back in August (see how behind I've been with my blog reading?!) Danny O'Brien chewed on a question that is very close to being a question that's very close to my heart. Danny's questions is 'How Famous Do You Want To Be?'.

The fame question appeared in 1997. We were futzing around doing an NTK Live in Soho, and Stew Lee turned up to watch. He was very impressed with all the cabling and the recording equipment and the laptops we were using, and asked how many people were listening to the show online. Standing next to the streaming server, I could answer him instantly: maybe twenty or so (there were probably about seventy people watching the show at the venue). He looked very disappointed, and probably a bit defensively, I found myself asking him The First Question. How many people do you need to be famous for?

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