More limerick goodness

by Suw on February 28, 2004

Another post courtesy of #joiito.

Suw, IRC-ing from bed
Could not get it quite through her head
That to type with one hand
Gives us to understand
She is fiddling elsewhere instead

A Dorsetshire maiden named Suw
Was unsure which language to do
Advised by Maciej
She got carried away
I językiem zrobiła coś mu

Stephen Murgatroyd February 28, 2004 at 12:54 pm

There was a young man from Siberia
whose morals were rather inferior
he did to a nun what he shouldn't have done
and now she's a Mother Superior

There was a young man from Port Said
Who fell down a toilet and died
He had a brother who fell down another
and now they are interred side by side

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