Jobs? What are they? Oh, yes, I remember…

by Suw on February 8, 2004

Strange how after such long fallow period, suddenly I have jobs popping up from nowhere and a new found enthusiasm for the whole attempting to earn money thing.

Friday I found myself accidentally applying for a Content Manager position in Manchester. I say ‘accidentally’ because a guy from a recruitment agency rang me but, true to form, my mobile cut out before I got anything more than the name of his company. When I rang back, I spoke to someone completely different who opened the conversation with ‘Oh, so you’re ringing about the Content Manager position then?’.

Well, I wasn’t, but I guess I am now.

Plus there’s a job opening at a blog-related company in San Francisco which I’m going to apply for tomorrow. I am not sure why the idea of moving to San Francisco is so immensely appealing, but it is. Perhaps it’s just because the job sounds like it would be, as we used to say at school oh so many years ago, ‘ace’. Or possibly ‘skill’.

We shall see what we shall see.

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