by Suw on February 8, 2004

Ok, I'm back from London, but really not sure where to start. I haven't blogged for a couple of days and I'm overflowing with things to say, yet have no idea in which order I should say them. Had a fantastic time in London – oh, it was just exquisite to get away from the packing!

Btw, we are now definitely moving house on Tuesday, which means that I won't be able to blog much at all next week. I'll save it all up, though, and you'll get a deluge of posts once I'm back online, whenever that may be. If you know me personally, my phone numbers are not changing. All that will change will be the address. I'll do a mass email in due course.

One thing I must mention before I go any further is that I am both astounded and as chuffed as a small horse* to find my humble wee blog mentioned by Neil Gaiman on his. Ok, I know that's circular blogging, but you'll forgive me this moment of self-indulgence won't you? I mean, it's not often I am blogged by someone that I so admire.

*I've never worked out just how chuffed small horses are capable of becoming, but I presume that it's really, really very chuffed indeed.

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