Polish it is then!

by Suw on February 3, 2004

Ok, so the poll is closed. Any accusations of bias, skewing or fiddling will be vehemenantly denied, as soon as I can spell it. As proof, here's a screenshot of the poll just as the last vote was cast:

My good friend and fellow Welsh nut Loolie will be my official Study Buddy, although if anyone else wants to help me out, I would be most appreciative. The most useful thing would be for me to find a fluent speaker willing to to email me short messages in Polish every now and again – that's pretty much how I got my start in Welsh. My friends emailed me and I was forced to translate because I wanted to know what they were on about. I ended up learning by default, really.

Anyway I shall post updates on how things are going on a regular basis. Possibly weekly. Perhaps. We'll see.

/me gets Berlitz Polish For Travellers out.

Hm, I may have to look for some online resources to help me out til I can get to a bookshop.

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