Staten Island Ferry

by Suw on October 16, 2003

The strange thing about this is that I was watching the Staten Island Ferry just last week from the Battery Park, and trying to pursuade my travelling companions that we'd get just as good a view of the Statue of Liberty from its decks as we would if we took the Circle Line boat. (Of course, the view wouldn't actually be quite as good, but it would have been free and there was, for me at least, some sort of cachet to riding on such a famous boat.)

Thus there's a bit more of an 'oh jeeze' about my reaction to the Staten Island Ferry crash than I would otherwise expect.

In order to find out more information than is available here, I ended up registering with the NY Times – something I've been putting off doing for some time now. I can't really believe the level of detail that they go into about this. Is it not enough to know that people lost their lives? Do I really need descriptions of exactly how they died? Is it essential to write about the carnage in such graphic detail?

I prefer Teresa Nielson Hayden's comments to the sickeningly sensationalist angle that the NY Times (and probably other American news sources too, I wouldn't doubt) has taken.

The Staten Island Ferry last week

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