The dangers, ow, of playing, ow, too much, ow, guitar

by Suw on October 10, 2003

I got my Takamine out the other day and put it on a stand in my office. I’ve picked it up a few times to play and slowly but surely all that I used to know is coming back to me. As I play I can feel my brain frantically searching through its archives for the right chords and the right words to the songs I know. I can almost feel my synapses firing back and forth, interrogating bits of my memory: ?Have you got this data?? ?Nope.? ?Where is it then?? ?Buggered if I know.?

I’ve remembered most of three songs now, and a few of the noodles I used to play. I like noodling, actually. I never come up with anything that could even remotely begin to be called a song, but that doesn’t really matter.

Only trouble with all this is that I’ve not played for so long that my callouses have all gone. Having just played for nearly an hour, each time fingers on my right hand hit the keyboard there’s, ouch, a slight feeling of, ow, pain associated, ah, with it, ouch. But it’s a nice pain. I’m going to try to play every day – it’s a good break from the computer and it exercises different bits of my head.

Other stuff? I have the weekend to myself as my parents have gone down to Lyme for the weekend. Yay! I can play music really loudly and watch films on Sky and spend the weekend on the phone and stuff! (Yup, 32 going on 17?)

Note to potential stalkers who now know I’m alone this weekend: Don’t bother. You’ll never find the place and besides, we had a bacon slicer delivered this morning. I would be happy to give you a very, very personal demonstration of how it functions.

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