JFK and ready for the red eye

by Suw on October 8, 2003

Tried to blog a little earlier from the Easy Internet cafe on Times Square, but admin was down. How's that for Sod's Law in action?

Currently sitting in the Virgin Clubhouse, awaiting dinner on the ground before we catch the red eye back to London. I should be landing around 7.30am local time tomorrow, although it will be 2.30am tonight NY time, so a night of very little sleep.

Had a pretty easy day today, went into Midtown Comics and got the new issue of 1602, which was great. Also treated myself to the Endless Nights Special – two comics in dollars for what one would be in pounds in Forbidden Planet. Bargain. Could have spent so much more.

Talking of comics, we walked past New York City Library today too – right where Peter Parker watches his Uncle die in Spider-Man. I was dead chuffed to see that. I'd been hoping to see it, but as I wasn't sure where exactly the scene had been filmed, I couldn't plan to go there, but soon as I saw it I knew.

Anyway, my steak will be awaiting me shortly, so I must away. Can't believe how fast these few days have gone, nor how much I adore New York. I really hadn't thought I would.

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