Revolutions – the attack of the spoilers

by Suw on October 4, 2003

Today I saw my first review with spoilers for Matrix: Revolutions on the screenwriters' message board at Zoetrope (registration required). Or rather, I saw that there was a thread about it, but I didn't enter.

V also let me know recently that there are new trailers available from the official Matrix web site, but again I felt strangely unwilling to download them, only in part because I have a crappy dial up connection that would choke if I tried to download anything even remotely medium-sized.

I'm in the Zone of Expectation now, waiting for Revolutions to be released and not wanting anything to spoil the surprise. I can download the trailers and stuff afterwards, but before hand I don't want to read even a single word about it. I don't want people telling me it's crap (they told me Reloaded was crap, but I quite enjoyed it), nor do I want people telling me it's brilliant (I don't want my expectations to be too high), and I certainly don't want anyone telling me what happens. I want to find out for myself as and when I see the movie, and not before. In one sense, living here in the Arse-end of Nowhere is quite good for that – I certainly won't start accidentally tripping over promotional stuff for the film out here. I don't believe cows make up a high percentage of the movie-going population.

With any luck, I will see Revolutions at the IMAX, either in Bradford or London, rather than at a normal cinema. I felt that Reloaded really benefited from the bigger screen, especially the Burly Brawl and the freeway chase, so it should be good to see Revolutions first time round at that kind of brain-suckingly awe-inspiring size.

Soon as I have a date set, (yes, V, that's a hint), I'll start drooling with anticipation here on the blog, just like last time.

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