Referrer weirdness abounds

by Suw on October 2, 2003

As it’s (roughly) the beginning of the month, I reset my blog referrer log today. Search phrases people have used to find CnV today include:

Muse Absolution
Sam Neill Australian film
hummingbird hawk moth
Concorde cause of death
dewey decimal system
free download full album of Once Upon A Time in Mexico*
Welsh language pointless**
Blaine t-shirts***
pointless things****
toy helicopter David Blaine pictures

Anyway, going through the referrer log, I noticed that quite a number of referrals come from various webmail pages, which means people are emailing links to me to other people. Third party recommendation. That’s nice. Thank you.

I also found my way to my Alexa page, where someone called Darryl wrote a short, succinct and, I think, very accurate review of this blog. I don’t know you Darryl, but thank you very much! 😉

Alexa appears to be Amazon’s attempt at a Google-powered search engine and has a section which aggregates data such as traffic, speed, links to, reviews etc. about any given web site.

That’s a great idea, but it’s got a bit of a flaw. Alexa screws up because it lumps all weblogs hosted at Blog-City together and treats them as one site – it just can’t always tell the individual blogs apart. Thus although the page appears to be relevant only to CnV, the list of links to this blog is actually a list of links to the home page of If I try to edit the information for CnV I end up at the page for instead.

It also seems that Alexa can’t consistently cope with the concept of permalinks in blogs. Instead of linking to the blog entry featuring the relevant link, it just links to the blog home page. With the speed that some blogs move, that’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot. In other cases it picks up links from ads in blogs instead of actual blog entries.

I like stats and I like links and I like tools which analyse them both for me, but I’ve yet to find any blog-related analysis tool that is in any way accurate. Many of them seem to rely on the Ecosystem data, which doesn’t pick up half of my incoming links. The rest that I know about are either horrendously out of date or simply no longer functional.

Call me a geek if you will, (and you undoubtedly should), but I think that part of the fun of blogging is the interconnectedness of all blogs, however it’s hard to appreciate whether one is starting to actually become interconnected without trawling through all the other blogs looking for links. And even my curiosity has a boredom threshold.

I love it when I find that a blog I read has now linked to me. I love it when people I’ve never heard of link to me. It even more cocklewarmingly lovely when someone links to me and says nice things about my blog. Someone please point me in the direction of a tool that takes the randomness out of finding out who’s linked to me, and I swear my cockles will remain toasty for weeks.

* Boy, they must have been disappointed
** Now I take exception to that!
*** Why? Why the fuck encourage him? Stop it immediately! (Unless the t-shirts say something like ?Take up a new sport – start Blaine Baiting today!?)
**** Good point!

Cal October 2, 2003 at 6:49 pm

I agree you do get referrals from weird sources. With some I can never work out how they got to me at all. I agree too about the tool for finding out links. That is part of the fascination.

Visit me @

A visitor October 3, 2003 at 3:14 am

Thanks for pointing out the Alexa thing… and welcome to my blogroll!

Pascale Soleil []

Suw October 3, 2003 at 9:16 am

Pascale! Thanks!!

You know, I keep wanting to leave comments on your blog but for some strange reason I can never get into your comments system. I hope the job hunt's going ok for you. Tedious, isn't it? I shall keep my fingers crossed for you anyway.

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