Celebrity cameo of the night

by Suw on October 2, 2003

Eddie Izzard, again. I think this might be because I'm going to one of his gigs next week. In New York. I think I may have mentioned this once or twice to one or two people, but to say I'm a little excited is a bit like saying the Pope's getting on a bit.

This time, I was in a radio show audience when the presenter comes up to me with an earpiece and who's on the other end but Mr Izzard. Predictably, I lost the function of coherent speech and turned into gibbering gibbon, but Eddie was very gracious about it.

In real life, however, I'm actually cool, calm and collected around famous people. They're just people, after all, and when you start having conversations with them about whether Pet Rescue is better than Animal Hospital, you realise that many of them are not all that interested in doing the big star/fan thing. The only person to turn me in an incoherent wreck in real life was Gruff Rhys, in front of whom I lost the power of speech along with every single IQ point I'd ever had. He was very kind and patient with my stammerings though, but he has a smile that can empty my brain of all thought so I had to keep staring at the ground instead.

I also had a strange dream in which my right hand had been amputated above the wrist, along with half my left first finger. I've never dreamed of amputation before and them most peculiar part of my dream was that I could actually feel it when I touched my face with my stump, or when I tried to hold things with my damaged left hand.

Dreams for me are, on the whole, a sound and light affair. As a rule, they are not synaesthetic and don't include the senses of smell or touch. This dream, however, definitely included the sensation of having a hand that was no longer there, a strange mix of the phantom limb syndrome and the sensations of how the stump itself felt against my cheek.

I wasn't upset at all about the loss of my hand in the dream (I'm left-handed, btw). I was quite adept at doing things one-handed, although I do remember thinking 'Oh, I'll have to see if I can get a special keyboard because that curvy one I've got will be a bugger to use with one hand.' If anything, I think I was actually quite happy with my situation.

Hm, maybe I should start a new category for dreams, as I seem to be both having a lot of very vivid ones lately and blogging about them.

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