The job hunt proceeds

by Suw on August 12, 2003

I really hate looking for jobs. It’s a demoralising and depressing task. I have this bad tendency to trawl through the job web sites, print out a sheaf of possibilities, then put them on the desk and forget them. I really must learn to actually apply for jobs, rather than just think about applying for them.

I supposed, deep down, I’m kinda worried that I’m not really suited to working for other people. Plus, if I’m being honest, there’s that fear of the unknown, and fear of rejection. All in all not so much of a nice thing to be doing, but I must force myself to do it.

How I wish I could fast forward my life by a couple of months just to get all this out of the way. This kind of task brings out the worst in me – the procrastinator who prefers to bury her head in the sand as much as possible, because she doesn’t much like the look of the approaching wind storm.

Job hunting is way down there on the list, right at the bottom. Just above packing. Although I guess I'll have to start doing that soon too.

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