Funny little thread that lead me round in circles

by Suw on August 13, 2003

I love Pirates of the Caribbean. I love the way that Johnny Depp becomes Keith Richards The Pirate, mad glint in his eye and only still upright by accident. And I love the fact that there’s not a single American accent in the whole film, despite it being based on a Disney ride.

So I did a search on Zoetrope (yep, still faffing) and found a couple of threads that I’d previously missed about the film which were interesting. One of them had a link to Wordplay, the web site of Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio, who wrote the script to Pirates.

Whilst exploring WordPlayer, I discover a link to a page about a movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

LOG LINE: Sandman, the King of Dreams, is captured and held prisoner. In his absence a nightmare escapes from the Land of Dream into the waking world. Sandman must recover his stolen tools of power and defeat the nightmare in order to regain his kingdom.

Now Sandman is a work of genius in my very humble opinion. It is not a work that should be trifled with. So having been impressed with Pirates I felt quite excited to discover that the same perpetrators had been working on Sandman. Then I read further, and was disappointed to find out that this script is not only five years old, but that it doesn’t much look like it’s going to see the light of day as is anyway.

Oh dear. Warner Bros. really do have their heads stuck in their lower intestines, don’t they? Ok, I know as an aspiring screenwriter I shouldn’t be caught dead criticising such luminaries (please, excuse me whilst I stop guffawing), but please. Someone find them a surgeon.

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