Just a general update, really

by Suw on August 14, 2003

So, here I am down in Dorset, but blogging almost as per usual on a wee laptop with a dial-up connection that runs like a three legged dog. Oh, how I shall miss broadband when I move back here at the end of the month. It’s an interminable wait for pages to load when I’m used to them pinging up on my screen almost instantly.

Journey down was surprisingly unaffected by the heat, although two carriages of the new Virgin Voyager train had no air conditioning. Can’t believe that these swanky new trains are breaking down already. Well, actually, yes I can.

Fflwff seemed pretty happy to see me. She climbed down off the top of the wardrobe and purred so hard she started to squeak. Although possibly that was due to the packet of treats I had in my hand. Bribery and corruption. It’s the only way to go when small animals or children are involved. I’m happy to see my moggy though. I’ve missed her.

Meeting with the bank manager went pretty well, so I’m a lot less worried about money than I was this morning. Our bank manager is actually a really nice guy, and one day, when I’m through all this and out the other side, I’m going to buy him an expensive bottle of wine to say thank you. He could have given us a very hard time, but instead he’s been friendly, courteous and very, very helpful. A rare breed these days, I’m afraid.

Starting to get comments trickle through about the script. So far, positive and constructive, so I’m pleased by that. We’ll see what else comes through in due course. have already started on No. 2 on the train on the way down here, so feeling pretty good about that side of life really.

Still hacking like a diseased donkey. The voice is coming and going, although currently more going than coming. Bought yet more cough mixture – this time it’s Sudafed. Cherry flavour. If there’s one flavour I detest above all others, it’s cherry. So I’m going to save it for tonight when I will really need it. I suspect, though, that someone’s going to have to pinch my nose and prise open my mouth with a crowbar in order to get the hideous goop down me. Fingers crossed that this stuff actually works.

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