Sunday, August 17, 2003

The first law of outdoors entertaining

by Suw on August 17, 2003

Whenever entertaining is to occur outdoors, or rely on good weather, I can almost always predict with fairly reasonable accuracy that three things will occur.

1. The day before the event will be hot and sunny.
2. The day of the event, whether it's forecast to be hot and sunny or not, it will be cloudy, cold and may rain.
3. The day after the event will be hot and sunny.

The weather over the last three days has been a case in point.

That said yesterday's large family gathering did go rather smoothly, and was actually quite enjoyable. I always feel rather surprised when that happens, although I'm really not sure why.

The only bugbear was that I've not seen that part of my family for a long time, so I was continually trying to come up with ways to answer the question 'So what are you doing now?' without using the answer 'My busines went arse up, so I'm moving home and searching for a job whilst trying not to freak out over how much debt I'm in'. The best phrase I could think of was 'I'm in between jobs at the moment', which seemed to work quite well.

Maybe I should look for work as a spin doctor?

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