Sleep cures nothing

by Suw on July 19, 2003

…but tiredness.

Sleep is my refuge at the moment, my escape. I had some wonderful dreams last night, wherein my life was just fine and dandy, people appreciated me for who I was, and I didn't get hassled by anyone. Although I did have some problems with clothespegs at one point, but that was a fairly minor hiccup. I don't remember exactly what time I went to bed last night, but I think I slept something approaching eleven hours. I did wake at 4 to let Fflwff in through my bedroom window. And again at 7.30, which is my normal time for getting up. I just rolled over, made myself forget thoughts of the waking world and went back to sleep. If only I could do that ad infinitum. Just sleep through the whole damn thing. Wouldn't that be nice?

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