Friday, July 11, 2003

IMAX mishap

by Suw on July 11, 2003

Oh, I'm peeved. Very peeved. Not to mention dischuffed and begruntled.

Yesterday I trekked all the way up to London to meet up with A and go to see The Matrix: Reloaded at the IMAX. We’ve both been looking forward to this for a while, although frankly I think I’m more of a Matrixite than A is. Neither of us had been to the IMAX before, so it was going to be quite the little adventure.

The original plan was this: go down to Putney to A’s, watch The Matrix, then The Animatrix, have pizza delivered, go down to Bar Sia in Wimbledon so I could pick up some stuff, then take the train into Waterloo for the 7pm showing at the IMAX. Pretty sweet plan, I thought. The first fly in the ointment was that A had to be in Acton at the exact time we would have had to have started watching The Matrix in order to fit everything in before leaving for Waterloo. So we met at Paddington instead, took the tube down to Putney and decided to skip straight to The Animatrix. Ok, so that was a shame, a dent in our Matrix-a-thon, but nothing serious.

Then the idiot pizza people delivered entirely the wrong order. We had to wait another half hour for the right pizza to turn up, but that delay meant we didn’t have time to go down to Wimbledon to Bar Sia. A will have to pick up my stuff for me tonight instead.

For the sake of expediency, we decided to take a cab straight to Waterloo. As usual, cab was late, not turning up til 6.15pm, but that turned out to be a moot point anyway. We’d got no more than a few hundred yards down the road when the IMAX phones A to tell him that due to ?technical difficulties?, the performance had been cancelled.



What do you mean, cancelled?

We were not happy bunnies. Told the cabbie to take us back home, and the cheeky sod charged us a fiver just for taking us round the block.

So, instead of having a full Matrix-a-thon, complete with Neo sunglasses, we downed two bottles of wine, watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Out (mildly amusing) and Fargo (nicely shot). But it just wasn’t the same, y’know?

Anyway, A’s gonna ring the IMAX up and give them some shit. I’m a little concerned that because this is a limited run we’re gonna end up not getting tickets at all. I read somewhere that they’ve been selling like hot cakes. Which is why we booked the blasted things weeks ago! Grrr!!

If we don’t get decent tickets, I swear, heads are gonna roll. I went all that damn way, took all that time out of my working week, (ha!), for nothing. I mean, not that it wasn’t nice to catch up with A and all, but still? It wasn’t the bloody same.

*pouts sulkily*

That said, I made a good start on my script whilst fannying about on trains. So I guess that’s an upside.

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In this week's New Scientist

by Suw on July 11, 2003

Can't resist this little nugget from Feedback:

Cell biologists aren't other-worldly academics glued to their electrophoresis machines. Oh no, they're in touch with the buzz in the culture – the other one, not the one in the Petri dish. An article by SL Wickstrom, J Keski-Oja and K Alitalo in the June issue of the journal Cancer Cell bears the title “Matrix reloaded” – which, given standard journal publication delays, is indeed quite a feat of cultural timing.

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