Too many words in my head

by Suw on July 15, 2003

Gah! I fear my brain is about to melt and dribble out of my nose. Not so much because of the heat, although it has been hell on toast here today, but because I just have too many words in my head. Emails, worksheets, my script, this blog? It’s like a sack of squabbling ferrets in there.

Script is now 24 pages long, but I’m already going back and inserting new scenes and new characters. It’s all starting to take shape in my head, which is a good sign, I think. Trouble is, this damn software demo I’m using will conk out at 40 pages. I’ve been trying to figure a workaround, but I’m too stupid.

Oh well.

Back to Word when it does, I guess.

Meantime, I’m praying for a thunderstorm. Something to clean up the air a bit. It’s ok downstairs, what with the bedrooms being half-buried and only having one and a half outside walls, but up here in the lounge it’s hot and sultry and no amount of opening windows and doors makes any difference. I’m wearing as little as possible, but I fear that even if I was wearing nothing it would be too much.

Anyhow, I’ve got some ferrets to exercise.

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