Tuesday, September 6, 2005

The org called ORG

by Suw on September 6, 2005

May I present to you, in all it's wondrous bloggy glory, the Open Rights Group! Yes, that's right, the organisation with no name is now the organisation called ORG. And no smart-alec comments about what we're going to call our first digital rights conference, thank you kindly.
You'd be surprised how much work there is to do now, just to get ORG to the point where we can actually start accepting donations and recruiting members. It's important that we get this going, though, so I shall once again kiss goodbye to my evenings weekends. Pity. I'd really been enjoying them.


Valuable moral lessons

by Suw on September 6, 2005

From folksongs.
Do not, under any circumstances ignore this advice. You'll end up dead by the third stanza. A Doleful Ghost will be involved.