Possibly the best screensaver ever

September 3, 2006

Electric Sheep. I don't know if androids dream of them, but stare at them long enough and you'll end up hypnotised, if not actually asleep. I just can't wait til this kicks in during a client meeting. I'll give it five mins then start whispering “Double Suw's fee… Double Suw's fee…”.

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Like you've never heard it before…

June 21, 2006

Pachelbel's Canon (via Damian).

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Cutest kitten video evah

June 2, 2006

Really expensive cat toy. (Thanks Dan!)

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Shakespearean cat fight!

May 23, 2006

I love it when my job results in me having to watch things like this.

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Shout out to ma homies! Yo!

May 1, 2006

Er… or something. It appears that somewhere in the world, the cool hip-hop lovin' kids are impressing their homies by wearing my name emblazoned across their chest/back. Wow, guys, I'm touched! (Not like that, you cheeky little monkeys!) And what's better, you can buy this stuff online! Cool!!

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Pass the Darwin Award

April 18, 2006

It's generally a bad idea, if one is covered in a flammable gel as part of a medical treatment, to then light up a ciggie – the resulting flames are usually bad for one's health. Update: And indeed, a Darwin Award is now under consideration.

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Learning to be happy

April 18, 2006

Article on teaching teenagers to be happy, from the Guardian. I wish adults would spend more time learning how to be happy, and that more bosses would decide that happy employees were important. Instead, we have this mad mindset that says happiness in the work place is obviously a sign of skiving, and should be […]

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I'm not a gamer

March 9, 2006

But I want this when it comes out.

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You have no time for this

November 11, 2005

him: you have no time for this: http://hannu.biz/letters/ me: probably not [a few minutes later] me: you're quite right. 197. that's pathetic him: I got to 907 me: wow. i panicked him: yes, eventually you do

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You leave my lap out of this

October 28, 2005

No one proof read this ad, did they?

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Gotta love that Flickr api

October 20, 2005

Now… you have Suwdoku. And I promise you, that was not my idea.

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September 14, 2005

Nice tits!

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Best spam ever

August 22, 2005

Couldn't help but open this one. Here's a snippet, with names removed to protect the quite probably guilty. Request you denounce and prevent the XYZ Company impudently forcibly occupy intellectual property of Mr. ABC! impudent XYZ CO.! impudent Mr CEO of XYZ! impudent! impudent!! exceeding impudence!!! XYZ and CEO are transnational scoundre! Does XYZ dare […]

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Free speech

August 5, 2005

Try it sometime. (And have a giggle whilst you're at it.)

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August 3, 2005

Miaow! Best pics ever, specially the one of the roundhouse kick at the very end. (Thanks Dan.)

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