Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Plus dealing with time paralysis, Amazon kills Book Depository, cat with a feather hat.

Hi there,

Extremely short newsletter this week because of the delightfully long (and yet not long enough) weekend.

Suw’s news: I changed my mind

After taking part in a Scribe Lounge chat last week, I learnt that LA Productions give feedback on the scripts submitted to them. Given that all feedback is useful feedback, I worked my butt off to get the pilot edited and ready for submission. I think the changes make it stronger, so they were good to do anyway regardless of the submission. Hopefully at some point in May I’ll get some feedback that will help me refine it further.

Event: British Museum Literary Season

The British Museum is beginning a series of events (members only) exploring “the fascinating world of historical fiction”. The first event on 17 April features best-selling authors Jennifer Saint and Elodie Harper who will be talking about ancient Greece and Rome. May features Natalie Haynes on Medusa; June is Philippa Gregory on the Stuarts; July is Mary Beard on ancient myths; August is Dan Jones and Helen Castor on medieval warfare; the final event in August is Ken Follett on the Industrial Revolution. Sounds like an awesome line-up.

Dates for your diary: BBC’s Pilot scheme and Open Call

The BBC will be opening its Pilot scheme to submissions between 5 and 26 September 2023. This is sadly not for folks with a love of flying, but for writers who have already got “at least one professional credit of at least 30 minutes”.

More pertinent to most of us, the BBC’s Open Call will reopen towards the end of this year. That gives me a few months to come up with a new script because they don’t take resubmissions.

WAIW? Dealing with time paralysis

Last week’s Why Aren’t I Writing? explored why I ended up feeling paralysed both because I had too much time and not enough time to write. It might sound like a contradiction in terms, but both can be true at the same time for different projects.

News: Amazon kills off The Book Depository

I’m not a fan of Amazon at the best of times, but it’s particularly disappointing that they’ve shuttered The Book Depository, although the bigger disappointment was that they got to buy it in the first place.

Obligatory cat picture

Copurrnicus with a feather toy on his headI had a completely different picture in mind for this week’s newsletter, but when I opened Photos it showed me these two snaps from February last year, when we were still living in Shaker Heights, OH, and had no idea of the trials and tribulations that were to come with our move back to the UK.

Copurrnicus loves these feather toys and sometimes plays fetch with them. However, fetch requires me to be good at throwing them, which I am not. This isn’t the only time he’s ended up wearing it as a fascinator.

That’s it for this week.

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