Argleton fully funded!

by Suw on July 30, 2010

At midnight on Wednesday, my Argleton Kickstarter project closed, funded to a level of 173%. I’m very happy and excited, and not a little bit scared! But now I am able to spend half my time working on Argleton (the rest working on client stuff).

The project’s success was largely due to the fact that Kickstarter featured it in their first weekly newsletter, which lead to a flood of new supporters. All this happened whilst I was away in the US on holiday. I would log on whenever I had both time and internet access to see how things were going and was gobsmacked one day to find half a page of Kickstarter pledge emails. Within just a few hours (during which, I confess, I was sitting in a hot tub in the Rocky Mountains with a glass of wine), we hit 100%.

I now have 150 people eagerly awaiting the arrival of a package from me, which is both exciting and terrifying. I didn’t get to write much (at all!) on holiday despite having taken my laptop so that I could do exactly that. But I did get to think through a few things about the story and I’m in the process of redrafting it now. I will continue to work on it until it’s the best I can make it. After that, all I can do is hope people like it!

I have a lot of work to do still on the design, printing and manufacture of the book, not to mention completion of the geolocation puzzle that goes with it. Looking back, I wonder if that last wasn’t overegging the pudding somewhat. I suppose it speaks to my insecurity about how attractive the rest of the package sounded. Still, we only learn by doing, and I’ve certainly learnt that what I thought was a small project is actually an awful lot to chew on!

Finally, before I went away on holiday, Thursday Bram kindly asked me a few questions about the Argleton project, which I answered on her blog, Constructively Productive. Enjoy!

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