Say hello to Shadowglobe

by Suw on July 3, 2007

How excited am I to be able to finally, legitimately, announce the new internet radio station, Shadowglobe? Oh, I'd say… rather excited indeed! Iain Baker – Mr Keyboard Breaker to his friends – tantalisingly gave me the dev URL and swore me to secrecy some weeks back, so I've been able to listen, but completely unable to mention it to anyone.
Shadowglobe focuses on finding the best new music – hm, does that sound familiar? – and it succeeds in buckets. I have heard more new good stuff on here in the limited time that it's been on air than I've heard all year on Xfm or Virgin Xtreme.
The site's very much still in beta, so sometimes the stream dies and there are unfinished corners of the website that still need work, but overall it's very exciting to have another high quality net radio station available to listen to. Iain and his cohorts' taste is fabulous, and it has the same sort of indie feel that Xfm had in the old days, or that I felt when I was working for the Maker. It's that sense that exciting things are afoot, that the place is so bursting with great music that it makes you wonder how your head doesn't a splode.
Let me not mince words here: Shadowglobe has a better new music playlist than Xfm and Virgin Xtreme put together. When it's out of beta, it's going to blow the rest out of the water.

Anonymous July 7, 2007 at 7:29 pm

Just been listening. Was The Editors, amongst others.
It may be worth getting the stream onto Reciva as well, so that it can be picked up on Wifi radio.

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