Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weird day today

by Suw on July 24, 2007

I had such plans for today, including lunch plans, that all went for a Burton when I noticed at about 10.30 that I couldn't read. My heart sank. I hate migraines, and the first sign for me is that I lose the ability to see what's in the centre of my field of vision. Shortly after, I get visual disturbances, then if I'm lucky, it clears up. If not, I get the headache, and maybe the nausea. Got all three today, and spent three hours in bed, feeling crap and trying to sleep.
Eventually, hunger forced me out of bed and I'm trying not to go back again, despite the fact that it's several hours later and my head still hurts. It's that sort of dull ache behind the eyes, similar to the sort you get when you have eye strain.
I've not achieved anything useful today at all, and i don't feel particularly bright, certainly not bright enough to tackle any of the big important tasks I have to get on with. However, I'm hoping I feel better by 5pm as I have a call from America scheduled, and I have to be a bit intelligent for that.
What a waste of a day though.

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