Engagement ring goes into beta development

by Suw on March 21, 2007

Monday night, friend and engagement ring developer, er, I mean jeweller Nigel Lowe came round to have a chat about the silver model he made for us and which I've been wearing nonstop since Feb 15th. It's been great to have the model, to be able to get used to it and make sure it was the right size (which it is), even if it has been slightly odd wearing a very simple version of the ring with no stones in it – when one of my friends saw it, he didn't realise it was a model and tactfully said, “That's very subtle!”
Nigel and I discussed the changes he'll make to the design – including bringing the stone in slightly closer together and making it a bit less blocky and more curvy – and the detail of the decoration he'll add. He's taken the model and the stones back to his workshop in France and next week he'll have the actual ring cast in white gold. It will then be a matter of finishing the fine detail and setting the stones.
It's all very exciting! Kevin's friend Karina, who is Nigel's partner, will be going over to France after Easter and hopefully will bring back the finished ring with her. I don't know if it'll be ready in time for my birthday, but I'm hoping it will arrive not soon after.

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