by Suw on June 29, 2006

Words I want to hear today: easy, antibiotics, painkillers, prescription, goodbye.
Words I don't want to hear today: oh dear, extract, surgery, hospital, general anaesthetic, see you next week.
Words currently running through my mind: ow, pain, it hurts, ouch, please make it stop.
Words Apple's spell checker can't spell: goodbye.
Words that look really weird when you look at them for long enough: spell.
Amount of drugs I've taken so far today: Nil.
Amount I would have like to have taken, but daren't in case they get in the way of the hopefully stronger drugs I'll get given later: Lots.

Anonymous June 30, 2006 at 6:52 pm

“Words Apple's spell checker can't spell: goodbye.”
Going off on a tangent, as I am prone to do, I've always wondered why the word “blog” isn't in Blogger's spell checker.

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