Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shopping for clothes – Part II

by Suw on June 13, 2006

So, after my rant the other day about how much I hate shopping for clothes, there came a straw which broke this particular camel's back. Before Christmas, I bought some new scaffolding from Selfridges. The day after I wrote my post about being a size 32doubleginormous, I was hanging out the washing and discovered that one of the bras I'd bought had given up the ghost.
See that bit of metal sticking out? See how pointy and ouchful it is? There is no way that's mendable. That's it. Gone. Done. Dusted.
As I was in the Covent Garden that day, I decided to pop into a shop I'd walked past just the other week, Bravissimo, and buy some new undergarments. As it happened, a couple of people recommended this shop in the comments on my post, but I didn't see those until much later.
Anyway, I had a fitting, and was highly impressed. The woman who fitted me spent a lot of time fetching different bras, and she knew her stuff as regards how to tell when one fits and when it doesn't. Sadly, the ones that did fit only came in boring colours – black, flesh, cream, vile pink, etc. It would be so nice to have something pretty, maybe in red or turquoise or aquamarine, but I am doomed to black. At least they'll match everything else in my wardrobe.
They even have tops with bras built in, which was a revelation to me. So I bought two bras and two tops, one of which was a halter neck which I've never been able to wear before. And it wasn't expensive, really. Ok, so the tops are a bit more than you would normally pay for something so simple, but they look nice.
I have to say, I would highly recommend Bravissimo if you have a non-standard figure. I even discovered that I'm actually an yet-more-impossible-to-comprehend size than I had previously imagined. I seem to have gone down a rib-cage size, and up a boob size, so am now 30bloodyscary. I thought only nursing mothers were that sort of size, but apparently not.
I simply hate to think what would happen to my bosom if I got pregnant. That's something far too terrifying to contemplate.
(Note: Kevin just read this over my shoulder and, after swaying unsteadily on his feet for a few seconds, said “I think I need another drink”. Oh dear.)

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