Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yay! We have a flat!

by Suw on March 14, 2006

I didn't want to blog about this before it was all confirmed, in case somehow I jinxed the whole thing, but T'Other and I have located somewhere to live, and will be moving in on Saturday. I just got a phone call from the agent now, and we're all set. We're going to be living, technically, in Islington, which is all terribly nice. In actual fact, we're not in Islington proper, but the location is good: handy for work, big supermarket nearby, and also a leisure centre with gym which caught T'Other's eye immediately he saw it. Has a climbing wall too, so I might get back into climbing again, something I've not done for about 10 years.
The flat itself is a small one-bedroom place with open-plan lounge and kitchen, newly refurbished with really nice work surfaces made of granite, which appeals mightily to my geologist side, and a dishwasher which appeals to my lazy-ass side. It's all nicely decorated, and there's lots of storage in a loft room, which is just great. It's not huge, but if one can get all of one's suitcases and crap stored out of the way, then that does make it easier to keep things tidy.
So, keep your fingers crossed at around 2.30pm this Saturday afternoon that our move goes smoothly. I have the van booked, and am pretty much ready to go.
I can't wait. This will be, in essence, the first time I will have felt that I'm living in my own space in nearly three years. Finally, and properly, I can pack away that mental yurt and leave it behind. I cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes me.

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